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Life has a constant way of teaching us to listen, be patient, to grow, to have faith, to keep our eyes open to beauty and small blessings that come unexpectedly. I have been given many talents in my life and with that comes the responsibility to use them. So again, I set off to reinvent myself, to use my voice and expression through my art and to add more color and inspiration to the lives I look forward to meeting. As a child I loved the little nooks, playhouses, decorated rooms, where I could dream, feel alive and be creative. My beautiful mother is such an inspiration to me. I remember at a very young age, her painting whimsical holiday scenes on the big bay windows in our home. She made everything so beautiful and magical. She showed me the paths to take, to follow my dreams as an artist, to be authentic and I am forever grateful. I now am a mother of two amazing girls, Hannah Rose and Abigail Pearl, who bring my life joy and inspiration. It’s my goal to continue my creative journey to help bring a bit of magic and inspiration to your lives. So, in honor of my talented, beautiful girls "Rose and Pearl", I start my business of Rose and Pearls Painting Co. And off we go...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Children's Playroom

I was commissioned to paint this children’s playroom with a Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit theme. The room was quite large so it allowed me to paint most of the illustrations completely around the room, to tell the whole story. It was so much fun to see the expressions of the children after finishing the project. I love the palette of Beatrix Potter, it’s soft and comfortable and it can lend itself to either little girls or boys. Besides… there are many stories that can be painted, if you just use ones imagination.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Restaurant Mural

This restaurant was a fun for me! From start to finish it took me about two weeks to complete. The owner wanted me to paint the scene in a “Grant Wood” style, which was a fun challenge. Everything was painted in non-toxic water based acrylic paint.  Each blade of the wheat was painstakingly brushed, to create a 3 dimensional realistic look. My client was happy with the over all look, I even got a write up in the local paper!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Modern Home

The couple that owned this new age contemporary home were looking for a modern twist on a Picasso classic. I chose to paint my version of “The Dream” and complimented the color scheme with an impressionistic cubism pattern above the bar area. It is a great room for entertaining and the artwork gives a very hip modern feel.