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Life has a constant way of teaching us to listen, be patient, to grow, to have faith, to keep our eyes open to beauty and small blessings that come unexpectedly. I have been given many talents in my life and with that comes the responsibility to use them. So again, I set off to reinvent myself, to use my voice and expression through my art and to add more color and inspiration to the lives I look forward to meeting. As a child I loved the little nooks, playhouses, decorated rooms, where I could dream, feel alive and be creative. My beautiful mother is such an inspiration to me. I remember at a very young age, her painting whimsical holiday scenes on the big bay windows in our home. She made everything so beautiful and magical. She showed me the paths to take, to follow my dreams as an artist, to be authentic and I am forever grateful. I now am a mother of two amazing girls, Hannah Rose and Abigail Pearl, who bring my life joy and inspiration. It’s my goal to continue my creative journey to help bring a bit of magic and inspiration to your lives. So, in honor of my talented, beautiful girls "Rose and Pearl", I start my business of Rose and Pearls Painting Co. And off we go...

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Vintage Painted Floors

I have a real passion for vintage treasures and antiques. So I love painting in an old world style. I like to make thing look distressed and well worn or in other words comfortable and inviting. Here, a few years back,
I painted a vintage checkered floor with a floral motif overlay for the owner of a wonderful antique store in Carmel Valley, California. Rose waited patiently while I finished with the final details. I think she was wishing this painted floor was in her own room.


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